Let God's Love Shine Through You

David discusses the importance of participating in the Lord’s work here on Earth daily, especially by donating to local charities like the Greater Dallas Coalition, and volunteering with them as well. Charitable donations help keep these wonderful organizations viable and functioning, and they are vessels for letting God’s love shine through us a people. So by donating and volunteering, you’re helping let God’s love shine through you to the people that need it most.

Giving to the Greater Dallas Coalition and Volunteering Your Time

David talks about the importance of supporting your local charitable organizations, especially established groups like the Greater Dallas Coalition, with financial donations and volunteering. The Greater Dallas Coalition has a monthly meeting that is open to the public where nonprofit organizations and local activists can get together to network and coordinate care for those people most in need.

David Munson - Greater Dallas Coalition Update

David discusses a new venture he’s personally supporting with Karen Belknap and the Inspired Vision Compassion Center to purchase and transform a building in south Dallas into a care center with food, clothing, and medical services for anyone needing help.

David Munson & Ron Woodcock & Ron Batts - Greater Dallas Coalition

In a special segment, David Munson Jr. invites both Ron Woodcock and Ron Batts to have a round table discussion about the Greater Dallas Coalition. They invite you to join them for the Greater Dallas Coalition’s monthly meetings to directly hear from the leaders of these outstanding charitable groups and connect more with them.

David Munson & Ron Batts - Greater Dallas Coalition

David invites Ron Batts back to talk about the Greater Dallas Coalition’s current efforts to improve the quality of life for thousands of disadvantaged people in the North Texas area. They discuss a recent tour of south Dallas and its charities, the upcoming Dallas Champions Academy, and how to get involved.